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Welcome to Bead on The Beach. I encountered beadwork back in '96, while I lived in the states (Redondo Beach, CA.) For me, the luckiest thing is that I started beading just in the nick of time online bead community began to emerge.

Looking my gallery pages, you can tell how many great things I absorbed by sitting in front of my monitor. I can't thank enough many bead artists who generously share their expertise and knowledge online. Without Internet, I would never had a chance to enjoy beading or get to know those wonderful, talented people.

Now back in Japan, enjoying beadwork as I did in the states, I'm wondering if I could any contribution to the bead community to return favor I got. I'm going to start introducing Japanese bead pages to beaders outside Japan, and vice versa. Hope you enjoy this page.

Mariko Yamamoto(mariko@matatabi.com)

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